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Enterprise Performance Management Consultants

Insight Models are expert financial reporting consultants to guide you to the financial planning and reporting approaches, tools and models to give you the insight to drive stronger business performance.

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Our performance management consultants help clients:


Assess the best financial planning software solutions for their business now and in the future


Implement and train their staff to ensure the software is adopted fully - moving teams successfully from old systems to new, and helping companies escape Excel


Use new software to assist their company financial planning  - adding insight to their business’ finance and efficiency to their reporting

Financial Planning and Reporting Audit

Our financial software consultants assess where you are now, where you want to get to and create a clear roadmap to shape up the business reporting and planning process to get you there.

Financial Planning Software

We cut through the noise and help you select the right software, package and licence to suit your needs and your budget.

Financial Models Implementation

We take care of set up, integration, creating financial models, and then onboarding and training your team. Get the financial reporting and planning tools set-up and in the hands of your financial team with as little fuss as possible.

Training and Performance Consultancy

We get to work bringing new datasets and systems into play within your new reporting and planning software to keep evolving and optimising the performance of your business.

Our modern and human approach to enterprise performance management consultancy means that our clients can build actionable solutions towards a focus area in as little as three weeks.

Stijn Hoorelbeke

Insight Models Company Director

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Greater insight starts here:

Book an initial consultation

Let our financial software consultants understand your challenges, frustrations and business goals.

Discuss the best financial approach for your business

Wherever you are in your journey to more streamlined and efficient financial processes, our financial reporting consultants will create a bespoke consultancy package to help you reach your goals more quickly.

Onboard with Insight Models and get to work

Our onboarding process is human, collaborative and efficient - rapidly enabling you to make business gains and save time and resources.

"The tool's performance was impressive despite the complexity of the model, the numerous interdependencies and certain sophisticated calculations. The entire model was called later, “our mini ERP”.Great Jedox expertise, structured and meticulous work, ... Insight Models takes the time to work with you to come up with the best solution!”

Stephane Lamoureux

Project Director - NX Partners

How we get to work

Step 1 : Audit

We assess where you are now and create a clear plan to improve your approach to financial planning and reporting.

Step 2: Software selection

We select the right software, package and licence to suit your budget and needs - ensuring it integrates with the software you currently have and is user-friendly.

Step 3: Implementation & training

We take care of software set up - including integration with business tools, create the financial models you need - and then onboard and upskill your team.

Step 4: Optimization and expansion

We develop a plan to improve business performance and get to work bringing datasets and systems into play within your new reporting and planning software, giving you the insight you need to achieve your business goals.

Get in Touch

If you want freedom from spreadsheets, greater performance insights and less admin burden on reporting - book an initial call with our performance management consultants.

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